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Artist Collab Series: Ian Burk

Posted by bozenka shepherd on
Artist Collab Series: Ian Burk

We've been holding onto this book of vintage wallpaper samples for two years and have finally found a use for these beautiful floral designs! The idea came to fruition when Ian Burk joined our Throwbacks team and brought his letterpress into the shop.

According to the guy hand setting the type and pulling the prints, "It's a real pressure taking something that is already pretty special and adding a layer of ink to make something completely new. But it's also what excites me so much about this project, and letterpress prints. We took something locked in the past and shoved it into our current culture with fun sayings and quotes that resonate."

Vintage rose patterns adorn a Cardi B lyric from Best LifeHamtramck is My Happy Place reflects our love of the city and rooted memories of the community. Each poster is unique and no two are the same. Different wallpaper samples as backgrounds and different marks from the type pressed of the six various sayings. Each as unique as the homes, offices, and places the prints will hang after purchase! It's a true one of a kind collection of ephemera produced on salvaged paper.

We hope you have as much fun with these as we did.

Be sure to check out the whole collection here and might I add they look pretty ok in a Throwback's picture frame

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