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Artsits Collab Series: WC Bevan

Posted by bozenka shepherd on
Artsits Collab Series: WC Bevan

At Throwbacks we use a lot of saw blades. Normally these blades get tossed aside but, this time we enlisted the help of Detroit artist Will (WC) Bevan to create an exceptional piece of artwork for your home. We blanked out several twelve inch blades, and screen printed Bevan’s custom design for the project onto them. To finish it off we mounted them to lacquered wood and added a simple clock mechanism. *chefs kiss*

Bevan moved to Detroit from New York six years ago trading rising rent payments for more time to make art in a city rich with artistic inspiration. Shortly after his move his murals began appearing in some of our favorite areas in Detroit; Eastern Market, the Dequindre Cut, New Center, Lincoln Street Art Park, and many more buildings around the city.

Bevan’s past and current work invoke playful rhythmic monochromatic shapes. He's been featured in multiple group and solo shows in various cities and is known internationally as one of the most exciting in Detroit today.

Bevan's studio is layered in his own and fellow artists' work. The majority of the furniture is of his own construction, that he describes as "eclectic". He's in the process of building out a new studio this year - as the collection keeps growing. 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Will on this project. The work produced for you to take home is reminiscent of the raw, beautiful, and collaborative world of Detroit Murals. Please enjoy.

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