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Book a one-hour virtual design consultation with Bo on topics ranging from layout to styling to furniture selections and everything in between. Co-owner of Woodward Throwbacks and Head of Design, Bo will walk you through the process of creating an authentic home and give any advice that will help you achieve your goals.

1 Hour Session | $350

Ways to prepare for your
1- hour session with Bo

  • Gather images (10 - 15 ) of your space along with inspirational photos. Your inspiraiton photos can includes images of furniture, decor or exisiting spaces so we can get an understanding of your style and current space. You can email these to prior to the session

  • Be prepared to let Bo know what you love and dont love about each photo listed as well as where you want to improve in your current space.
  • Create a Wishlist of must-haves. For example, do you love to cook and want to host more dinner parties? Tell us! So we can discuss what makes the ideal kitchen for an at-home chef. Because functionality is just as important as how it looks. 
  1. If you have an existing floor plan and are going off of drawings, share them with me! Just ensure you include dimensions, so we know how big the space is. 

  1. Most importantly, list your project in order of priority so we dont miss anything.

  1. And just like that, I hope you're ready to start designing! Because we are!

*once calendy invitaton is made and approved an invoice for the design fee will be sent out via quickbook.

Investing in your home starts here!

We're excited to work with you through conversation and collaboration. Tell us about your project if you think Bo is a good fit. Know exactly what you want but don't know where to start; go ahead and book a 1-hour virtual design consultation with Bo.


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