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Cheeky Espresso Syrup



Cheeky is pleased to introduce their limited edition Espresso Syrup with coffee sourced from Café Integral, a small batch specialty coffee roaster in Brooklyn NY. The blend is carefully composed and roasted from seasonal Nicaraguan coffees, and have added only cane sugar and gum arabic for balanced sweetness and texture. Espresso Martinis are notoriously difficult to make, requiring numerous ingredients and fresh brewed espresso to get a proper foamy crema on the surface of the cocktail. This coffee selection and the addition of gum arabic (a mixologist-approved natural emulsifier) ensure you’ll get a proper crema each time you shake, and best of all, you only need to mix two ingredients to make the perfect Espresso Martini at home!

Cheeky Espresso Martini Recipe:

- Mix: 1 oz Espresso Syrup & 2 oz Vodka

- Shake: Vigorously over ice

- Strain: Into a Martini or Coupe Glass

- Garnish: With 3 coffee beans for good luck!


4oz & 16 fl oz.