Michigan Central Station
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Riot Rage Revolt Vintage Wallpaper Print

Riot Rage Revolt Vintage Wallpaper Print


Riot Rage Revolt Vintage Wallpaper Print

Dimensions 11" W x 17" H

Vintage wallpaper with screen-printed black ink

Visual description: vintage blueprint (1 of 1)

About the Collection

It's no secret that many of us are obsessed with vintage wallpaper. While some original vintage wallpaper can be found scarcely during our renovations with enough texture and color to leave wonder. Others have fortunately found whole rooms of intact wallpaper begging to be preserved and incorporated into our modern homes.

For us, we have been collecting vintage wallpaper and old blueprints from Detroit buildings on our salvage jobs and treasure hunts and transforming them into these one-of-a-kind prints. 

We hope you enjoy this third series of The Vintage Wallpaper Collection.