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Leftover's Round Accent Table #7


Made from our off cuts in the shop.  A variety of species and different profiles are used in every top.  They are bond together with a plant based resin.  And finished with a commercial grade lacquer sealer. The legs are made of salvaged White Oak from Santo's Church in SW Detroit.  

Dimensions:  17 1/2" Diameter x 19" H

The Leftover's Collection is designed from the waste we produce in the shop.  Over the years we have always tried to find ways to create less waste.  This project was an experiment to solve that problem.  The Leftover's collection is full of one of a kind mosaics of all the different species of wood and unique profiles we work with in the shop.  Though the dimensions are always the same, the mosaic tops are always one of a kind.  We use a special plant based resin to bind the wood pieces together.  Giving a durable and long lasting finish.  A great way to bring some amazing patterns into your home all while keeping this material from ending up landfills. 

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