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Onyx Goblets


Comes in a set of 2 glasses along with decorative box for storage. 

Height - 10cm/4in approximately
Top Opening - 6cm/2.5in approximately
Width - 7cm/3in approximately

Onyx is made of calcite which is same mineral that makes up limestone, marble. This onyx glasses are a beautiful gift for anyone. This is very beneficial for relaxation , peace , meditation , spiritual healing and concentration. It is a powerful stone that makes close union between people and build self confidence. Onyx gives you strength and removes depression and brings the clarity of mind. The Onyx is referred as Spiritual Healing Stone. Onyx is best as a protector from evil eyes. Onyx marble Goblets are made of genuine onyx gemstone which controls your way of thinking and moods and bring peace of mind.

Made in Pakistan