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Marble Shot Glass Set


Inspired by the Nahua people of puebla tecali de herrera, this is a handmade marble stone serving tray and six pack of handmade shot glasses. The name "Tecali de herrera" derives from the words tétl (stone) of the náhuatl culture. The Nahua people of Mesoamerica are a group of Native Americans originally associated with the ancient Aztec people. They hold an important cultural, religious, and linguistic place in the annals of Mesoamerican and world history. Much of their culture survived the Spanish invasion of the 16th century.

Comes with six shot glasses, and one serving tray. No pieces are the same and they stand roughly 2.5" tall and are 1.55" wide.

*Although the photos show the best match to the product, the product made from natural stone. Color / pattern variations are likely*

Volume capacity = 1.25 oz
Made in Mexico