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Salvage Jobs

We purchase individual items at “yard sale prices” occasionally if it is a truly unique piece.


We are always looking for new sources of salvaged/reclaimed items.

  • If you know of a residential or commercial demolition/major remodeling project coming up, please let us know.
  • If you have a door, lighting fixture, reclaimed wood, architectural artifacts  or any other unique antique finds that are too good to throw out, hit us up.

Submissions must include:

  • Digital photos of interior/exterior of the property or of the items
  • Descriptions of individual items
  • Location
  • Schedule for demolition/renovation
  • Confirmation that you are the owner or decision maker for the property or item.



There are several ways Woodward Throwbacks can compensate in exchange for salvaged items or the salvage rights to a property scheduled for demolition:

  • Many give salvaged items to Throwbacks simply to the see the items reused and to achieve the associated environmental benefits.
  • Store Credit - Throwbacks my provide credit toward the purchase of products in our showroom of custom projects.
  • Cash Payment - Throwbacks may purchase architectural salvage items in select cases where the items have significant value and/or are in significant demand.