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PS II Cubby Bookcase No. 6


Take your storage capabilities to the next level with the Party Store Cubby Bookshelf No. 6. Constructed with vintage salvaged acrylic signs and reclaimed plywood, this 2 compartment bookshelf is designed to last while providing ample storage space for all your items. Crafted in Detroit, this bookshelf is sure to make a statement.


Exterior: 36 X 14 X 19.5
Interior Cubbies: 16.5 X 14

    Care Instructions:  wipe with a damp cloth

    About the Collection

    The Party Store Collection was designed to highlight how amazing old-school Detroit Party store signs are. The Party Store is a one-stop shop for pop, snacks, adult beverages, lottery tickets, groceries, household items, and more, and this cabinet is here to aid you in storing all your goods.

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